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Blake CO-AX Indicator

The BLAKE CO-AX INDICATOR provides a simplified method for centering a workpiece or fixture on HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL machines, EXTERNAL or INTERNAL diameters  and also with N/C, EDM and other hard-to-turn spindles.

The face of the indicator remains stationary in any desired position while the machine spindle rotates, thus leaving the operator with both hands free to accurately position the machine table by coordinated movement of the table positioning controls while observing the indicator hand reaction. (Indicator hand travel diminishes as location error is reduced to a point where the hand stands still, indicating coaxial alignment of the diameter being checked with the spindle axis)

By using the CO-AX INDICATOR with the machine spindle running, exact operating conditions are more nearly simulated for the centering operation since the influence of power transmission, lubricant flow, bearing characteristics and torque are integrated into the indicator reading.