Blake Manufacturing Coaxial Indicator

Blake Manufacturing is the original manufacturer of this unique Coaxial Indicator Centering device that easily locates the center of your work piece.  Mr. John Blake filed his patent in 1955 & a couple years later (1957) US Patent Number 2814124 was successfully issued!  Soon thereafter Blake Manufacturing was born!  Today, most machinists know Blake Coaxial Indicators as the Premier Quality Brand for this type of CoAxial Indicator Centering device.

The BLAKE COAXIAL INDICATOR provides a simplified method for centering a workpiece or fixture on HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL machines, EXTERNAL or INTERNAL diameters -also with N/C, EDM and other hard to turn spindles.  Blake is the original inventor and manufacturer of this coaxial indicator device & we are known around the world for our quality products!

(compare to: MADE IN USA 06451405 03774833 35520881 03194107 00468397 13-978-2 52-710-025-0 6607-4904)


Not Working? We Can Fix it!

If your COAXIAL INDICATOR is in need of repair or replacement parts, Blake Manufacturing is happy to service your equipment. 

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