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Precision Coaxial Indicator Centering device PERFECT for HOME, HOBBY, MACHINE SHOPS where ultra tight positional accuracy not required.

This is a more economical version of our flagship product.  It has a positional accuracy that is slightly greater (.0010″ positional accuracy) than our Original Blake Precision Indicator for operations that don’t required super tight tolerances at an affordable price.  It is constructed of quality components and manufactured in the USA.  It is used to easily align the center of a 2D hole or boss with your spindle.

Comes with:

  • ECONOMY Coaxial Indicator (801-E)
  • Wooden Carrying Box   (Blake PN: 871)
  • ONE I.D. Feeler              (Blake PN: 851)
  • ONE O.D. Feeler             (Blake PN: 852)
  • ONE Restraining Arm   (Blake PN: 815)
Coaxial Indicator – Economy INCH Model SKU# 801-E

Coaxial Indicator – Economy INCH Model SKU# 801-E